Hilltop Gardens – The Birthplace of Aloe

The legacy of Univera’s Aloe began in the quiet desert region of Lyford, TX.

Hilltop Gardens is a 720 acre farm and retreat with a history as rich as its soil.

Recognized by the state of Texas as the country’s first commercial Aloe farm, Hilltop Gardens is the birthplace of Aloe. What began in 1939 has grown to serve Yunho Lee’s mission to bring the best of nature to humankind, growing the Aloe that powers Univera products using sustainable farming practices that are certified for GLOBAL GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and certified organic of USDA NOP (National Organic Program).

Growing and delivering the world’s BEST Aloe.

Hilltop Gardens has also grown into a peaceful vacation destination, offering a variety of features to visitors of all ages.

Sensory Walk - a touch, taste, smell, sight and sound delight
Memorial Aloe Garden - a desert garden with a 200 species collection of aloes
Healing Garden - a quiet contemplative space with medicinal plants
Children’s Garden - a garden with elements for the kid in all of us
Visitors Center - Includes a Hilltop Gardens store, where visitors can purchase their own Hilltop Gardens products, Univera branded merchandise and other great gifts that promote peace and relaxation. The Visitors Center also includes a multi-media room and conference room.
The Inn at Hilltop Gardens Bed and Breakfast - A beautiful Mexican colonial/Mediterranean style farmhouse where visitors can relax, unwind and revitalize.


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