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Protein Quotient® Diet Univera Ultra Protein™

Jumpstart Your Metabolism

Metabolic Makeover Thermogenic


Want to lose 5, 10, 20 pounds or more? Or just to maintain your current healthy weight?

Look no further than Univera’s proven supplements and food options.

1. Control Portion Sizes

6 small meals a day = less cravings + promotes steady blood sugar levels for controlled hunger.

The key is small portions with maximum nutrient value – high protein and high-fiber carbohydrates.

Univera Ultra Protein™ and the PQ Diet™

Enjoy the convenience of easily prepared high protein snacks and meals. Adding these foods to a diet with lean proteins, lots of vegetables, and low simple carbohydrate intake can kick your weight loss into high gear!

Remember Level G® for helping to maintain normal glucose levels and curb cravings!*.

2. Water, Water, Water

General rule is to drink half your body weight, e.g. weigh 150 lbs, drink 75 oz. Boost the flavor and power of your water with your favorite Univera mocktail – adding GoVera, Xtra, RegeniCARE, and Aloe Select pumps up your hydration for optimal health and energy all day long!

3. Boost Your Metabolism

Metabolism in weight loss means how efficiently your body burns calories. Boost your metabolism with regular exercise, especially strength training, and add an extra boost with Univera products!

For a one-two fat-fighting punch, try Thermogenic™. It increases metabolism and helps your body use fat for fuel!*

For long-term improvements, the Metabolic Makeover is your friend. This program uses advanced science to affect real change at the metabolic level. A test of your metabolic level and a description of this program are available at Head on over and create a strong base for weight loss victory!


Protein Quotient® Diet 

The PQ™ Diet is a scientifically based weight loss program that delivers optimal protein ratios designed to retrain your body to turn stored FAT into ENERGY!

Univera Ultra Protein™ 

It’s not a program. It’s not a diet. It’s simply high protein, low calorie foods designed to help you fight hunger so you can lose and manage weight. And, it’s delicious!

Metabolic Makeover 

Achieve Metabolic Fitness…At Every Age!


Use Fat for Fuel*


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