Shaker Bottle

Shaker Bottle

Shaker Bottle

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What Your Body Needs:

The Univera Shaker Bottle is the perfect tool for mixing, transporting and consuming your Univera liquid supplements.
The BlenderBottle® stands out not merely as the best mixing and highest quality shaker on the market, but it also gets high marks from those who are health and earth conscious:

Green Facts

Not only does the BlenderBottle® mix well, it also makes a perfect reusable water bottle. Did you know that 8 out of 10 plastic water bottles used in the US become garbage or end up in a landfill? Reusable water bottles not only reduce landfill waste, they also help to conserve energy and oil. The BlenderBottle® is also made from recyclable materials.


The BlenderBottle® is BPA Free

The BlenderBottle is made of FDA approved recyclable plastics:

  • Lid and Flip Cap: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) (#2) (Also used for milk and juice containers, cereal box liners, etc.) Recyclable.
  • Cup: Polypropylene (PP) (#5) (Also used for yogurt, margarine, ketchup, and syrup containers, etc.) Recyclable.

The BlenderBall® is made of electropolished 316 (surgical grade) stainless steel. It is made of the same material and goes through the same manufacturing process as surgical instruments. It won’t rust, chip or peel.

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