for results you can see, feel, and measure!

Shift from burning carbs and sugars to burning fat!

This isn't another flash-in-the-pan diet that will leave you hungry and exhausted after one week… it's a kickstart to a sustainable shift in your body's natural glucose management!


Let's take a look at the packs…

The Core Pathway

The Basis of the Metabolic Shift

Metabolic Shift
Core Pack

Everything you need to accomplish your shift.

This pack has you covered: Level G® to manage your blood glucose, Ultra Protein™ shakes to fill you up and maintain satiety as you reduce your carb intake, RegeniFREE® to provide powerful antioxidant support, and Xtra® to ensure you remain energized through your shift.

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Maintain Your Progress

The On-the-Go Shift Program

Metabolic Shift
Maintenance Pack

Only the essentials.

Level G® for optimal blood glucose management with Xtra® to maintain your energy and vitality. This pack delivers a budget-friendly alternative to the full Metabolic Shift program.

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Supercharge Your Shift

The Ultimate Metabolic Transformation

Metabolic Shift
Deluxe Pack

For those who want it all!

Turbocharge your shift. This pack is for those who crave the biggest and best. All the power of the Core pack, plus two additional containers of Ultra Protein™ shake powder to provide twice the hunger-fighting, muscle-building power. The addition of Rhythmatix® optimizes your cardiovascular efficiency while Aloe Select® Mango and Ultra Protein™ OptiDigest™ supplement your natural protein absorption and augment digestion to ensure a smooth and sustainable shift.

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How Will YOU Shift?


The Core Pack


The Maintenance Pack


The Deluxe Pack