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Botanity Flavon Serum
Control Skin Redness
Price: $24.95
SKU: 103091
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Botanity Flavon Booster
Dry Skin Exfoliation
Price: $29.95
SKU: 103090
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Botanity Flavon Intensive Cream
Intense Hydration. Natural Botanical Ingredients.
Price: $29.95
SKU: 103092
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Leveraging Univera’s global team of scientists, Botanity unlocks yet another natural secret from the mighty aloe vera plant. Our botanists have focused on achieving maximum hydration retention results on and beneath your skin’s many layers. Univera’s skin care products work effectively to reduce redness and to soothe the most sensitive skin types.

Confidence on every level – Univera products have built trust within the wellness communities all over the globe, and that relationship will continue to grow as we introduce our ‘new’ skin care line of products to our existing and new customers alike.