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to the Univera Loyalty Club

We are pleased to offer our Customers premier pricing for a low annual fee of $9.95.

To thank you for joining, we will give you $10 off your next order!

No Strings Attached!

Univera Loyalty Club

Here's how it works…

  • You enroll online and pay your $9.95 annual fee for your Loyalty Club membership. As soon as you choose the Loyalty Club, the $9.95 annual fee is added to your cart and your premier pricing becomes active on that order.
  • We give you a $10.00 product discount towards your next order! Credit will automatically be applied to your next Convenience Plan order.
  • Choose your level of savings!
    • Sign up for a Convenience Plan (automatic monthly order) to receive Wholesale pricing, which is approximately 20% off Retail price. Any order you place for the year will receive Wholesale pricing.
    • If you decide you don't want a Convenience Plan, you receive Preferred pricing, which is approximately 10% off Retail price. Place orders any time you want.
  • We'll remind you when it's time to renew your membership next year so you can keep enjoying good health and premier pricing!

Get Started Now!


As a Loyalty Club Customer with a Convenience Plan, you receive the benefit of Wholesale Pricing. That's an approximate 20% savings off of Retail price!
You will still save approximately 10% off Retail price, plus you enjoy the flexibility of ordering when and how often you want.
The $9.95 annual fee per year covers Univera's administrative costs. The great news is it is offset each year by the $10 product discount on your next order. So, your initial cost is covered by your next purchase.
Credit will automatically apply to your next Convenience Plan order. If you have questions or concerns, contact Customer Care at 877-627-4787 in the US or 800-363-1890 in Canada.
A Loyalty Club member needs to establish a monthly Convenience Plan to qualify for Wholesale Pricing. Without a monthly Convenience Plan, Loyalty Club Customers qualify for Preferred Pricing only.
There is no requirement for a regular order. You can place any size order at any time to benefit from the Loyalty Club pricing.
Because no Convenience Plan is required to be a Loyalty Club Customer, the annual fee is not applied to a Convenience Plan. You will receive notification at least 30 days in advance that your Loyalty Club fee is due. Instructions to renew will be included.
Univera occasionally offers periodic specials to specific groups. Please be sure your contact information, especially email, is accurate so you will receive the information if a special is offered.
A Customer who chooses not to sign up for or renew the Loyalty Club would remain a Customer paying full Retail price. They can sign up for the Loyalty Club again at any time.
Pricing on orders is based on Customer or Loyalty Club status at the time of the order. No price difference refunds for past orders will be issued.
  • Payment of the annual fee of $9.95 entitles a Loyalty Club customer to Wholesale pricing (approximately 20% off retail price) when a monthly Convenience Plan (CP) order is placed and fulfilled. If there is not a CP order for the month, the Loyalty Club customer is entitled to Preferred Pricing (approximately 10% off retail price). A customer who does not enroll in the Loyalty Club plan may place orders at retail price. Loyalty Club customers who have paid their annual fee will receive a $10 credit on their next order following the payment of the annual fee.
  • Payment of the annual Loyalty Club fee indicates an acceptance of these terms and conditions on this website and any subsequent changes that may be made to the Loyalty Club program.
  • No refunds for the difference in Preferred or Wholesale pricing and Retail pricing will be given at any time if the Loyalty Club customer does not maintain Club membership and/or place monthly CP orders according to the terms of the Loyalty Club program.
  • Loyalty Club program customers must conform to all sections of the Policies & Procedures which apply to customers. Manipulation of the program in any form by a Customer may subject the Customer to termination from the Loyalty Club program or from Univera depending on severity.
  • Univera reserves the right to change or discontinue the Loyalty Club program at any time in its sole discretion. In the event of a change or termination of the program, Univera will not refund Loyalty Club fees for whole or partial memberships.