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  1. Retail Commissions: As a new Associate, you will be generously compensated for sales generated by your Customers.
  2. Unilevel Pay: As your team grows, Unilevel Pay rewards you with a high-percentage commission. You can earn up to 15% on the purchases of the people you personally enroll, 10% on the purchases of Associates and Customers they enroll, and commissions on purchases up to four team members deep.
  3. Generation Pay: Univera’s Generation Pay is the key to earning significant residual income. Univera offers Generation Pay that is truly an industry leader in the depth it pays. As you help more and more Customers and Associates experience renewal, your rewards grow almost exponentially.
  4. Bonus Programs and Incentives: Univera offers ongoing bonus programs to reward best practices in business building activities and encourage successful, vibrant teams. Special, short-term Incentives also reward specific business activity and help boost growth.
  5. Exclusive Events: Univera is committed to developing you as a leader and as an individual. As you grow your business, Univera invites you to join in exclusive activities and receive special perks at Corporate events.
  6. Blue Diamond Bonus: Each month when an Associate qualifies at Blue Diamond rank, he or she is entitled to a share of Univera’s “bonus pool,” comprising 2% of the company’s commissionable volume.

For more detailed information on Univera's Associate Compensation Plan, see your Univera Associate.

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