President's Appreciation Award

True Servant Leadership

Our President’s Appreciation Award goes to those Associates who have unselfishly given of themselves. They participate in all aspects of the business working in synergy with the Univera Company to build the business and build success for everyone. These Field Leaders who have gone above and beyond the call of duty supporting Univera Customers and Associates in our Univera community. They coach, educate, and strategize with them for their success. In addition, they are leaders who support Univera's philanthropic effort, Serve First, and YunHo Lee's dream of sharing the best of nature with humankind.

2018 President's Appreciation Award Recipients

Al Keranen

Harris Williams

Angelyn Toth

Dr. Michael Kaufman

Associate of the Year

Excellence in Action

This prestigious honor, Associate of the Year, is awarded annually to the Associate who has shown exemplary leadership, setting < the example of excellence when working with both the Field and Corporate teams, and who develops and mentors team members to achieve personal wellness and financial fulfillment with Univera, resulting in producing an overall successful Univera business.

2018 Associate of the Year

Kenny Rossi

Leadership Excellence Award

A Solid Foundation

Using business-building best practices in daily activities, along with providing selfless Team support, establishes a solid foundation for success that permeates the organization. Inspirational Leaders who exhibit these characteristics are recognized with our Leadership Excellence Award. Consistent servant leadership, leading by example, and forward thinking means together we can truly help fulfill our vision of Bringing the Best of Nature to Humankind™.

2018 Leadership Excellence Award Recipients

Chad Babcock

Matthew Learning

Dr. Katrina & Rod McGillivray

Univera Rising Stars

Optimizing for Growth

Univera Rising Stars are Associates who have established a firm foundation for their business by embracing and optimizing all of Univera’s programs. They have shown their passion for Univera, the company and its products, and their dedication to strong business practices, while helping others do the same. They epitomize and solidify the future of Univera.

2018 Univera Rising Stars

Aimee Burton

Heather Corrales

Kandis Miller

Ginger Ward

President's Award

Leaders of the Univera Family

Our President’s Award Recipients are specially selected by the President to recognize the Associates fueling Univera’s future. As demonstrated by their sustained growth, these Award Recipients have channeled their passion for Univera’s quality products and helping others into a solid foundation for their businesses, stimulating a strong future for themselves, their Teams, and our Univera Family.

2018 President's Award Recipients

Glen & Reagan Hubbard

Associate Spotlight

An Inspiring Spirit of Positivity

The Univera Associate Spotlight honors Associates who exemplify inspiration and a positive spirit in edifying the qualities of a Univera Associate. These leaders have a long-standing commitment to our Univera Family and act on servant leadership principles regularly in supporting the Company, their Teams and their Peers.

2018 Univera Associate Spotlight

Ben Lomeli

Storm Kennedy

Serve First Award

Finding Purpose in Personal Sacrifice

In addition to pursuing a Live Young lifestyle and growing their Univera businesses, many Associates find purpose and meaning in contributing time, efforts, and fundraising to the Serve First legacy. Our Serve First Spirit Award honors Univera Leaders who have gone above and beyond, taking personal, selfless initiative to expand their reach and use their drive, passion and dedication for helping others.

2018 Serve First Spirit Award Recipient

Edie Johnson