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vi·tal·i·ty. Noun. Exuberant physical strength or mental vigor. Energy. Vigor. Strength. Vibrancy.

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It all starts with understanding the miracle that is our body. Did you know that every day your body replaces over 300 billion cells? 300 billion! And yet the older we get, the weaker those new cells typically are. Why? Because everyday stresses, poor eating habits, insufficient exercise, pollution and chemically processed foods all contribute to the creation of weaker and weaker cells. But if the billions of cells you make today are stronger and healthier than the cells they replace, you can live to be better at every age! You decide. It's not all genes or luck. It's a choice you can make to power up your cells every day.

Power down on damage! Power up on repair!

Univera's Chief Scientific Officer, Stephen Cherniske, has distilled 40 years of research and clinical experience into one simple truth: Every day there is an ongoing seesaw of damage and repair happening within every cell of your body. If you can increase (or push up on) the repair side of the seesaw and decrease (or push down on) the damage side, then you build a better body 300 billion cells a day! In order to do that more effectively, your body also needs an infusion of bioenergetic compounds that optimize cellular energy production– tipping the metabolic seesaw in your favor.

Our scientists are experts at discovering and delivering natural bioactive and bioenergetic compounds that have a powerful impact on this seesaw effect – powering down on damage, powering up on repair and increasing energy at the cellular level. Delivering vitality from the inside out.

We invite you to discover the science behind our products… powered by nature and then perfected by our cutting edge technology to deliver products that work for you.

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