Univera Malaysia Business Guide

Contact Information

No. 15, Jalan Puteri 7/13A
Bandar Puteri
47100 Puchong
Selangor D.E.

Phone Numbers

Customer Care: (603) 8069 9000

Fax: (603) 8069 9033

E-mail: mysupport@univera.com


Q. Why did Univera choose Malaysia as a first market in South East Asia?

A. Malaysia is a dynamic, high growth market in the relationship marketing space. It is a strategic location to begin Univera’s international expansion in the region. Leaders in Malaysia are highly experienced and know that Univera meets the most demanding criteria they may have in looking for a long term home. Univera is confident in our approach to developing international markets and commit long term to every country we enter.

Q. How will the market be managed and serviced by Univera corporate in Seattle?

A. Univera Malaysia is managed by a capable industry veteran named Mr. Chi Song Wong. Mr. Chi will have the support of all of Univera corporate’s resources including I/T, marketing, R&D, legal and compliance, operations and accounting. Univera Malaysia in turn provides local RM commissions, customer care and door to door shipping services to support your teams as they grow.

Q. What is Univera’s Associate and Customer shipping strategy for Malaysia?

A. To meet the overall market needs of our Associates, orders over RM 500 are shipped for free. Orders heading to East Malaysia may be subject to a small surcharge. Univera Malaysia will utilize Citi-Link Express for all our shipping needs to Associates and Customers.

Q. Are Univera Malaysia products Halal Certified?

A. Univera Malaysia is committed to the Malaysia market long term. Because of this, our manufacturing facilities in Korea have obtained Halal certification for many of the products we sell in Malaysia

Q. Are Univera Malaysia products subject to tax?

A. Currently, there is no sales tax or GST charged for product orders in Malaysia. This will change in 2015 as GST will be added by the Malaysian government.

Q. What Internet capability is available to Univera Customers and Associates in Malaysia?

A. Univera Malaysia will have its own Internet site, go to www.newunivera.com and click on the Malaysia flag. All Customer and Associate internet capabilities such as enrollment (sign-up), product ordering, and account management will be identical to the US and Canada.

Q. How are product prices and commissions calculated and paid in Malaysia?

A. Product prices, bonuses and commissions will be calculated using an exchange rate multiplier. This will be true of all international markets Univera will open. This rate is subject to review every six months and may be adjusted as market conditions change. This is usual and customary for companies that run global, seamless compensation plans. Bonuses and commissions in Malaysia will utilize the same platform as the US and Canada via Payoneer to make Associate payments. The direct deposit option only will be available in this market.

Q. Does Univera Malaysia have a car program?

A. Univera Malaysia will offer the same exciting car program as with the US and Canada markets to all qualifying Malaysian Associates. Details can be found in the resource section of your back office.


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