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60 vegetable capsules per bottle


  • Health Canada approved NPN (Natural Product Number): 80025749
  • Helps to relieve joint pain associated with osteoarthritis
  • No glucosamine (for those with shellfish allergies), chondroitin or MSM
  • Helps maintain joint comfort and flexibility

Available through June 30th, 2018, or while supplies last. Limit 2. All sales final.

What Your Body Needs: 

Do shellfish allergies limit your options for joint relief? For those who cannot tolerate some traditional joint-comfort compounds, Univera created RegeniFREE.

The Univera Difference:

RegeniFREE contains Protectin™*, an award-winning, internationally patented compound shown to dramatically improve joint comfort and flexibility. The addition of Curcumin strengthens the formula. Curcumin is a powerful antioxidant derived from Turmeric roots and may help prevent the development of a variety of conditions related to oxidative and free-radical damage.

*NutraCon 2005 - NutrAward Winner